SOMMER GLOW- A Sensation of Summer in Freedom and Beauty

ON THE ROAD IN AFRICA - a dedication to the African People who travel long distances everyday in hot and unpredictable weather.


ON THE OTHER SIDE - Osdorfer Landstrasse is an ongoing project about the impact of a singular street. On one side of this street, the wealthy "buttery" side sits along the river Elbe, in-between the "margarine" area. The northern part of Osdorfer Landstrasse is left with "skimmed milk". Do the neighboring areas have a taste of each other or do they avoid mixing the water with this "fat spread"?  Does the openness lie within the "fat cream" as neighbors? The project shows contrasting pairs north and south sides of Osdorfer Landstrasse in Hamburg, Germany.


 "RUNAWAY BRIDE" - as if in a dream, a young girl escapes the concept of belonging