Love Wins

The techno rhythms makes me want to dance, while thousands of people pass me by, celebrating diversity and the most important thing in this world - Love. 


I feel so happy living in a country, where we have come so far, that the acceptance of sexual orientation is no longer an issue, or at least I hope it is not.


Its origin lies in Greenwich Village, New York in 1969. At that time the police was doing its upmost to eliminate the public gatherings of homosexuals and transgenders, and  the tradition of this parade was born. Eight years later the first parades in Europe took place in Scandinavia.


Luckily you can nowadays discuss the need for this parade, as we have come so far in our minds, that everybody (almost) in this society have the same rights. But looking at all these vibrant colours, laughs and kisses, I tend to think that this is the most important parade in this world, showing us two vital elements of life - to be proud of who you are and to celebrate love in all its facets.


Still it leaves me with a lot of questions on the sexual side, as the group of "Asexuals" is walking pass me and a lady hands me a flyer "Petplay and Ponyplay in Hamburg"..........Now I start to  feel challenged......The guys next to me swop their kissing partner every second minute, half naked men and women sweating to the beats.  In many ways it feels liberating - no taboos - free love - I still prefer only to kiss one :). 


With or without pony and leather masks - Love wins - or at least it should do!


Thank you CSD, I feel so enriched!

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