Love Stories

There is so much love around us, coming from friends and family, so why not celebrate it? Whether it is a wedding, a new love, family member or friendship, it is my artistic passion to make those memories stay with you forever.


Through my camera lens I document your love story, authentic, emotional and with a clean nordic style. Let's together  treasure and preserve those memories forever. For more information on my services, you can download the PDF file or contact me. I would love to get to know you and capture your precious love.


Yours Anette


A beautifully set table, the clothes and jewelry, the location...all important details that make this day extra festive. I love to stage such details and am happy when these small details get an unforgettable visual memory value.


The most beautiful thing I can do on your big day is to capture the emotions between you as a couple and your guests.. I admit that I often have to squeeze a tear, but exactly these impressions are the most precious for me, which will remain with you forever.


The wedding shoot is the moment, when we immortalize you as a wedding couple in my pictures. With great pleasure we develop together beautiful images that fit exactly to your style.