A mask tells us more than a face

Coronavirus......it literally caught us naked......... In our unprepared state of mind it made us vulnerable and almost smaller than the tiny micro organisms killing many people all over the world. Like in a nightmare or an unrealistic science fiction movie, social distance with all its side effects becomes a vital part of a stay healthy policy.


The mask turns out not only to be a mask, but a political instrument, showing by higher demands the lack of production solutions and flexibility in the highly advanced western world. The protection of a mask is being questioned and later on, as availability is no longer an issue, it is suddenly an obligation to wear, when you enter a shopping center or use public transport. A few politicians in Germany ridiculously play heroes ensuring supply of sufficient masks. A slight sense of manipulation seem to take place.....


While we filter our breath, the air above China and the water in Venice is within few months surprisingly clean. Even dolphins have been spotted. The nitrogen oxide pollution has been halved, as fewer cars and airplanes throw dirt into our environment. For a short moment our nature can now breathe.......but careful with too much optimism....the energy consumption is high up in the air and soon the factories will run even faster in order to diminish its losses.


We have now had two weeks of wearing masks in Hamburg and I am quite surprised to see what an affect it has on me not seeing the facial impressions of people crossing my way. It doesn't make a change here at all. Living in Hamburg now for 13 years I can only conclude that sending out a smile to a stranger is something you do not do here quite in contrary to my home town in Denmark. So please people of Hamburg....keep your masks on....it helps me not to think about why you do not smile.....


My series should symbolize the space fictional situation we are in. Due to social distance, I used myself as a model and alterated so much in Photoshop, that I stood out unreal. I will never be straw blonde and probably also not red haired :). I used colors inspired by our beautiful nature, the sun, the sky and all the green surrounding us. The mask with the flowers and grass are the only real elements without Photoshop, a nature that can not be faked - they symbolize the need for protection for ourselves but also for our planet. Yes, I am naked on the pictures.....because it caught us naked and also made me vulnerable, not seeing friends, family and losing job opportunities. 


Left there is only to say - stay healthy, protect others, consume less and give a smile to a stranger!


Yours Anette


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