Celebrate diversity

While Covid 19 is slowly turning its back on us, another "wearing no mask" face is showing up....racism. With the death of George Floyd killed by a policeman recently in Minnesota, USA, not only the American people are protesting but the whole world is showing its solidarity.


Racism is not only against black people and somewhere in USA, but right in front of our doorstep and includes not only skin color, but also heritage, appearance, gender and sexual preferences.


Personally I have experienced racism as being foreigner in Germany, not speaking the language 100% . Also my years in South Africa just after the end of apartheid, taught me the really bad side of white supremacy. Luckily South Africa has changed a lot in this respect, but nevertheless racism is still a huge issue also within black communities. I could probably write a book about my experiences there, but I will spare you for this.  


I am often walking the streets, trying to become a better street photographer - a really challenging process. But at the same time I meet so many different people, talk to them and feel with them. And I can assure you, that we all have our hearts placed at the same spot! Behind the windows, curtains or house facades and in front of their doorstep all kinds of people have a right to feel equal citizens of this world. Here are some pictures of strong women or "wants to be a woman" I met on my way in a colorful diverse street format, the streets of Hamburg.


Life is "bunt"....colourful...and diverse, and luckily so everything but boring. Lets celebrate it!

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