The Blue Bridge
The Blue Bridge · 09. January 2022
Bridges are not only bridges....they lead us onto the other side....not knowing what to find....

Elbsand · 16. November 2020
Elbsand...a little poem about sand, sensuality and a long gone love. Jana Koch, a beautiful actress and singer, stood model for this.

Celebrate diversity
Celebrate Diversity · 04. June 2020
Colourful - diverse....I am so happy to live in a time, where the world is so multi faceted! And I am so frustrated, that in 2020 people are still being treated badly because of their skin color. This blog is dedicated to all great woman of all skin colors. Click on picture for more :)

Caught naked by the Coronavirus with a mask, that turns out not only to be a mask. Click on picture for more :)

Women No Entry · 14. April 2020
Due to the Corona virus, all prostitutes have left the red light district Herbertstr. in Hamburg. It leaves the visitor with leftovers after a big party. Being a woman, its my first chance to see this environment....step in and discover this secret place.

Love Wins · 05. August 2019
This Weekend in Hamburg offered its citizen a peaceful, colourful experience filled with love and a hint of sex - Christopher street Day - 250000 pride people demonstrated for diversity and acceptance.

Himba meets China · 25. June 2019
Out there in the African bush, where ancient rules of the Namibian Himba tribe apply, globalization is already taking place due to Chinese involvement.

Yoga Urban Moves · 06. May 2019
A photographer gets people to pose for him/her. A Yoga Instructor gets people to pose for themselves (click on picture for more)

A Tribute to Edith · 04. April 2019
My grandmother, at the age of 99, passed away yesterday, two weeks before her 100 years old birthday. Click on picture for more.

School in the Namibian desert · 25. March 2019
Between widestretched warm colored dunes and underneath an overheated sun, small communities are trying to survive due to tourism. With the help of foreign investors and donations, one school "the little bugs" has been created for smaller children. But although it all looks nice on the surface, many struggles have to be overcome. After the age of 8 they are being send away to bigger cities, only coming back home every third month to see their family. Click on picture for more.

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